Professional Consulting Services

Enterprises need comprehensive solutions. For more than a decade, TEC Services has been serving our clients as a trusted advisor with the resources and expertise to meet their demands.

Our client base ranges from Fortune 500 corporations, to small businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions.  TEC Services delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to organizations of any size or industry.   fancy bullet Read more...

Housing consulting services. TEC Services housing program consulting staff work with public housing authorities (PHAs) and other housing organizations (including not-for-profits) on projects related to the following:

  • Management and/or direct provision of relocation services, case management or service coordination, property management, economic self-sufficiency programming, waitlist opening/process and more.
  • Grant writing, community partnerships, and program development opportunities.
  • Development and implementation of customized technology projects related to process improvement, client tracking, and program monitoring.
  • File reviews and program compliance.

TEC Service’s housing program consulting staff have access to a wide variety of partners with a broad range of experience in PHA and HCV program administration; internal controls/program integrity; PHA finances, financial assessments, strategies and deal structures, etc.; fair housing and mobility programming; and more.


Green Computing - Energy Efficiency Services

logo_green.gifTEC Services Consulting will help you develop a strategy to optimize energy consumption throughout your technical infrastructure and achieve your green computing goals. Our services help you:

  • Conserve energy.
  • Cut costs.
  • Increase IT efficiency.

Start by assessing your energy usage and finding ways to increase the energy-efficiency of your technology. Call us for a free energy audit of your data center..   fancy bullet  Read more...


TeraU Seeking New Locations

terauscreenshootTEC Services is looking to partner with schools in the Chicagoland area, so that the TeraU program can be made available and delivered to more students.

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