Data Centers

We build and maintain data centers and network infrastructures.  Our comprehensive suite of advanced network configuration and maintenance services includes:

Network Audit and Optimization

We resolve issues affecting the performance and health of your network, prepare it for changes in your business, and/or improve your cost management.  We perform a variety of assessments, including network performance, cost analysis, and asset utilization.

Network Design and Engineering

We develop end-to-end network design plans across all major technologies and vendors that meet your specific network objectives and constraints.  We deliver a baseline network design recommendation and documentation that fully supports the proposed network design.

Network Implementation and Migration

We perform simple cutovers to major network migrations, along with conversions and implementations.  We can plan and execute an entire deployment strategy from start to finish: identify the goals, define the migration process, develop schedules and checklists, and manage the implementation.

Network Monitoring and Management

We provide 24 x 7 proactive monitoring and management of customer networks.

Technology Services

We deliver responsive, on-going network support, including maintenance support, parts logistics support, and other value-added services that support life-cycle engineering for the management and maintenance of customer network assets.