TEC Services provides best-in-class web hosting, email hosting, FTP hosting, and DNS hosting.

Web Hosting

Although seemingly an expensive hosting alternative, managed web hosting is a smart investment for those who need 100% uptime, responsiveness, and a high-end infrastructure.  The cost of building and maintaining these capabilities internally would be prohibitive.

Our managed web hosting carefully balances our clients' need to interact directly with the operating system without compromising application environment security, uptime, and scalability.  TEC Services owns, installs, maintains, and monitors the data center, the network, and devices like servers, firewalls, operating systems, and application infrastructure components, while our clients retain full control of their operating systems.  This frees clients to focus on their business, instead of dedicating their time and resources to building and constantly maintaining an infrastructure.

TEC Services offers a full spectrum of service options, allowing you to tailor a web hosting environment that's optimized and calibrated to your needs.  Services can be added or subtracted at will, as your organization and hosting environment evolve together.  Such flexibility is ideal for those who want to reserve a level of control, yet still demand a dedicated team committed to providing 100% infrastructure uptime and responsive support.

Email Hosting

Our email hosting services offer you an easy, reliable, and secure environment to send and receive email.   Sophisticated virus protection, spam filters, web mail, and POP3 options give you everything that you need.

We recognize the mission-critical nature of email, and have dedicated ourselves to building a world-class organization, infrastructure, and operations for the hosting and management of Microsoft® Exchange email messaging systems.  We strongly believe that for many organizations, our hosted and managed model provides distinct advantages, which can be summed up as follows:

Instead of expending cash and resources to build and maintain a high performance, highly-available messaging infrastructure, your IT team can be focused where they belong: on technologies that are core to your business functions, including customer-facing and revenue-generating systems.

In other words, while messaging is a mission-critical system for your organization, it is not a core business function of your enterprise.  It is, however, one of our core business functions.