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Content Management

With a TEC Services content management system (CMS), creating and editing web content becomes as easy as creating and editing a Word document.  As a consequence, your website can be kept fresh and up-to-date economically, by your own personnel, without any need on their part for specialized knowledge in web programming or HTML.

Services Available

Developing a CMS

  • Determining business and technical requirements

  • Designing, coding, and testing the resultant CMS software

  • Presenting in-house workshops on content management issues

Implementing a CMS

  • Coaching and mentoring throughout the implementation project

  • Consulting on best-practice approaches

  • Providing supporting services, such as change management, usability, and information architecture

Revitalizing a CMS

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the current CMS

  • Providing a comparison with current marketplace offerings and/or custom solutions

  • Identifying the (often non-technical) activities that can be used to revitalize the system

Content Management Strategy

  • Developing an enterprise-wide CMS strategy

  • Providing strategic advice

  • Facilitating the sharing of CMS knowledge between organizations

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