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Workforce Development

Workforce development, as practiced by the government agencies that are devoted to it, is a very complex process.  There are numerous forms to be filled, plans to be formulated and agreed to, meetings to be set up and attended, letters to be written, regulations to be adhered to, etc.  And while all this is going on, new directives are being handed down from higher up, at the state and federal levels.

The Problem

Given the time requirements and the complexity of all this activity, it is almost impossible for a workforce board to formulate a global viewpoint of its own processes.  But without a high-level view of the overall tasks to be accomplished and the overall processes to be adhered to, demands tend to be handled reactively, which in turn can lead to high levels of churn and inefficiency.

This situation can be exacerbated by changes in personnel.  Outgoing personnel often take their knowledge with them.  When somebody new starts, no truly comprehensive formal job description is available.  Consequently, it takes longer than should be necessary for new personnel to learn their responsibilities.  If turnover is high, the result can be an organization that appears to be standing still, or even going backwards.

Our Solution

Drawing upon our years of project management experience, TEC Services has formulated a unique approach to solving this problem.  What we do is apply a formal Integrated Management Systems (IMS) procedure to the problems of workforce development organizations.  The upshot of this is that we interview everybody in the organization in order to determine all of the ad hoc tasks and procedures that are being followed, and then we use this information to create an end-to-end formal plan for executing these same tasks and procedures.  We then train everybody that we interviewed in how to utilize their portions of this formal plan. 

This IMS procedure makes everybody knowledgeable in advance, on who does what and when at any given time. This results in each of the tasks getting done on time.

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