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Staff Augmentation

Does your organization have an ongoing, long-term function/support activity with fluctuating resource demands?  Or an intensive, short-term project needing supplemental staff to work on-site?

You might need a consultant for a three-month project or a full-time hands-on project manager.  You might have an existing team that needs augmentation to minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of fulfillment.

Let TEC Services help you manage your staffing costs.  Our primary staffing goal is to cover your specific need, cost effectively and efficiently.

TEC Services Can Meet Your Need

Technology Specific Experts

TEC Services offers knowledge and expertise in numerous areas and a full range of outsourced services.  We can help you minimize your staff payroll costs, while having our professionals work closely with your employees to ensure that your needs are met.  By defined project, or via weekly or monthly staffing, TEC Services can deliver technology-specific experts whose quality, dedication, expertise and accountability truly set us apart from other providers.  We offer:

  • Project Management

  • Web Development

  • Network Infrastructure Support

  • Customized Solutions

Outstanding Credentials

We are a Microsoft® Certified Partner, so our credentials are outstanding.  Contact us for more information on how TEC Services can help accomplish your organization’s goals and objectives while making efficient use of your organization’s resources.

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